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Agricultural Consultants

How do you solve a problem like urea? The Honorable Christopher P. Yates posed this very question, as he began his recent opinion in a sales commission case against defendant/employers, Agricultural Consultants, LLC and W.S. Ag Center, Inc., both Wisconsin companies. The plaintiff had sold urea to Michigan farmers for both companies. Plaintiff claimed over a million dollars in damages stemming from violations of the Michigan Sales Representatives’ Commission Act (SRCA), claiming that the parties had entered into an oral agreement entitling him to future sales commissions on new orders for the life of the customer under the SRCA. Ag Consultants vehemently disputed that any such agreement existed. On January 6, 2015, the Court rendered its verdict in favor of the defendants and against plaintiff on their claims for breach of contract. The court simplifies the verdict by stating defendants did not fail to pay plaintiff any past-due sales commissions or any future commissions and therefore shall recover nothing from defendants in this action.

Read more about this win in the Michigan Lawyers Weekly, Verdicts & Settlements article, Parties dispute use of sales commission act.

January 2015

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