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Unfair Competition / Lanham Act

Unfair Competition and Trademark Attorneys

Several federal and state laws exist to protect businesses and individuals from unfair competition, false advertising, trademark infringement, and misrepresentation. These laws include the Lanham Act.

Lanham (Trademark) Act of 1946

The federal Lanham Act addresses unfair competition cases, misrepresentation of the nature or origin of goods, and trademark infringement. Noncompliance with this act can create an unfair advantage for a business and result in customer confusion, which interferes negatively in that businesses relationships. The hard-hitting attorneys of the Howard Law Group routinely and successfully handle federal tort claims involving the Lanham Act.

For example, in March of 2014 a unanimous Jury awarded our clients a well-deserved $12 Million dollar verdict ($10.8 Million in lost profits and $1.2 Million disgorgement claim) as a result of a long awaited trial in the US District Court over a competitor’s false claims of a toxin within their product. What made this situation unique was the court’s imposition of a 20-hour time limit placed on the parties, providing each side with only 10 hours to present the entirety of this complex litigation. As time limits are now increasingly prevalent, attorneys are being forced to put 10-gallons of information into a 1-gallon bucket. The Howard Law Group achieves this brilliantly through fierce preparation, and unrelenting commitment to presenting the best case possible for our client.

Perhaps the most important facet of this type of unfair competition case is the ability of a prevailing party to collect treble (3 times) damages, attorney fees and costs post judgment. The Howard Law Group’s efforts never cease. Oral arguments are upcoming on the issue by way of our request for enhanced damages, pre-judgment interest and attorney’s fees. Steadfast in the goal of achieving once again a just result for our client, our team looks forward to the challenges ahead before reaching another positive result.

If you are involved in a trademark dispute or other similar matter covered by the Lanham Act, turn to our law firm for skilled guidance and swift justice.