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Probate Administration

Grand Rapids, Michigan Probate Administration Lawyers

When a person passes away, the financial and legal status of their property must be settled officially through probate. If a trust was left behind, probate may be minimized or unnecessary. However, in most cases, assets and debts must be determined in order to ensure creditors are paid, bank accounts closed, and real property taken care of. At the law office of the Howard Law Group, our attorneys represent clients in probate and estate administration matters, ensuring proper forms are filed and assets are properly transferred. In cases involving closely held businesses, our office ensures the terms of a trust or business continuity plan are in agreement with a company's bylaws and articles of incorporation. Should a dispute arise regarding probate, or if a will is contested, our attorneys are prepared to litigate.

If you have questions regarding probate, and need legal assistance to facilitate the process, contact probate administration attorneys at the law office of the Howard Law Group today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

What to Expect - Settling an Estate through Probate

Probate is a public process that requires appointing a personal representative or executor of an estate. After an estate's assets and debts have been determined, the executor is responsible for making sure any estate taxes or debts against an estate are paid. After taxes and debts are settled, the executor is responsible for distributing any remaining assets or property to the deceased's heir or beneficiaries.

Since a number of financial issues are involved, our attorneys help executors comply with probate requirements, consulting accountants and tax experts when necessary. Our office is also prepared to assert the rights of an executor should a creditor attempt to gain the executorship of an estate. We're also prepared to fight liens or other legal actions undertaken by creditors against an estate.

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Probate can be a confusing process, especially for those who have never gone through it or encountered our court system. At the Howard Law Group, we can help you avoid complications and delays, as well as protect your rights throughout the process. To schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you, contact probate administration lawyers at the Howard Law Group today.