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Partnership Disputes

Successfully Handling Business Partnership Disputes

At the Howard Law Group, our highly skilled business disputes attorneys handle the all-too-common partnership and shareholder disagreements that can take place in a business setting. These disputes can be triggered by changes in ownership and control resulting from a sale, death, divorce, or poor performance, reduced dividends, etc. This can have a far-reaching impact on your personal life as well. After all, the person you partnered with in the past — most likely someone you once trusted — has either lied to you, defrauded you, or is causing trouble for you and your business.

All shareholders have the right to be treated with good faith and loyalty. When that right is disregarded, shareholder oppression claims are an important tool to prevent those in control of the corporation from squeezing-out and violating the minority’s rights. Legitimate minority shareholder grievances, such as improper allocation of company assets, improper dilution of a minority ownership interest, usurpation of corporate opportunities, termination of employment, or interference with voting or inspection rights, are potential grounds for oppression lawsuits. Yet, often times minority shareholder suits are brought without merit, attempting to extort a higher buy out price or prevent a sale.

Shareholder oppression claims typically arise from the failure of the majority to abide by the parties governing agreements. This will be the first line of defense for the company. Directors and managers have a fiduciary duty to be informed and oppose wrongful conduct. Failing to do so can have dire consequences. Resolving business disputes of this type comes second nature to the qualified attorneys of the Howard Law Group. We seek swift and favorable resolutions that protect you and your company’s best interests.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for either business partner disputes or business contract disputes to cause the dissolution of a business, nor is it uncommon for the dissolution of a business to spark business partnership disputes. Our partnership attorneys and shareholder attorneys are highly attuned to the needs, worries, concerns, and goals of business owners dealing with such disputes. Not all partnership or shareholder disputes end in dissolution of the business. It is possible to resolve such a dispute and emerge with the business still intact. It is even possible to resolve the dispute with the friendship still intact. The Howard Law Group is doggedly dedicated to determining such possibilities and successfully achieving your ultimate decisions and goals.