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Estate & Probate Law

Excellent Estate Planning Assistance Eases the Burden of Your Loved Ones

There’s nothing that brings out the worst in people than a poorly planned estate. An unclear will — or worse yet, the lack of a will — along with numerous trips to probate court can easily cause once caring family and friends to become bitter enemies.

A poorly planned estate creates added burden and stress for your loved ones. But here’s the thing: all that angst can be avoided, and how, with the Howard Law Group’s comprehensive estate planning assistance.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Our estate planning, administration, and probate services give you tremendous peace of mind. By planning for future events such as death or incapacity, you can help eliminate worry for yourself now and for your loved ones later. We can help you direct the transfer your assets according to your wishes, avoid probate court, and keep taxes and other expenses to a minimum.

Our complete estate services offer you assistance with the following:

Business Estate Planning

In business, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Estate planning is not limited to your personal belongings. Businesses also require careful estate planning to ensure that your will in that area of your life is carried out accordingly. Don’t leave your legacy up to chance. Via business succession planning, the Howard Law Group will help you properly preserve your business wealth and transfer it as you see fit.

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Trusts and Trust Administration

Step aside, ease your mind, and let our estate lawyers of the Howard Law Group take care of your trusts and all your trust administration needs. We’ll make sure that your will or trust meets all state legal requirements and completely abides by your wishes for your estate. We’ll also help you determine the best options for handling and avoiding taxes. We’ll take steps to ensure that the estate is indeed left to your intended heirs. And we’ll work closely with the trustee and beneficiaries so that your desires are carried out

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Probate and Estate Administration

Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person’s assets are distributed upon death and the estate’s debts are paid. Estate administration covers the probate process, as well as other types of asset transfers from the estate to deceased’s heirs. The Howard Law Group works closely with you to provide the estate plan that is right for your unique situation, as well with your chosen executors and trustees, to ensure proper and pain-free distribution of your assets.

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