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One of your commercial truck drivers was involved in a small fender-bender and received a minor traffic ticket; he admitted it was his fault and paid a small fine. Yesterday, the other driver “lawyered-up” and claims a serious permanent injury from the accident your driver admitted he caused. What do you do now?

Contact the Howard Law Group. And HOW.

The Howard Law Group has served for decades as national counsel for many major trucking and transportation companies, trying or settling hundreds of cases across the country. Our proven success as a trucking litigation firm did not go unnoticed.

Our clients rely on us across the country and around the world to defend them in various catastrophic injury cases, including multi-vehicle accidents, wrongful-death lawsuits, and property-damage litigation. We partner with our clients in high-exposure cases to develop legal strategies and minimize risk.

Sometimes that means counseling clients on compliance and regulations. Or grabbing our “Go” bags and parachuting into a far-flung accident site while the evidence is still fresh. Or even stepping in to lead the trial team just weeks before the start of an eight-figure trial. We are service driven, working intimately with our clients to best utilize our talents to help achieve their goals.

The best way for transportation and logistics companies to manage the rising cost of litigation is to avoid claims entirely. We facilitate this by proactively developing effective internal systems and processes that ensure prompt notice and investigative plans. Armed with better information and evidence, companies can reduce the number of claims filed, or resolve them on more favorable terms.

Providing Emergency Accident Response

When a law firm is known for trying and winning trucking and transportation cases, aggressive personal injury lawyers file fewer lawsuits against that firm’s clients. Plaintiff’s lawyers take more-reasonable settlement positions because they know the transportation company won’t back down in the negotiations. This recipe for success depends on having a strong and effective rapid-response team in place to analyze the scene and work up strong defenses. Implementing a no-stone-unturned investigation can be the difference between a “no-cause” defense verdict and getting hammered by the jury for an eight-figure dollar amount. In fact, many of our clients have avoided lawsuits entirely because of our extensive pre-suit investigation. Plaintiff’s attorneys don’t file lawsuits they don’t think they can win.

As truck and tractor-trailer accident attorneys, we know the importance of an early pro-active response in preserving vital information, such as accident-scene investigation, performing a detailed inspection of the unit itself, reviewing log books, and pre-trip inspections, before any evidence is altered or discarded. We direct the litigation by interviewing witnesses and retaining top accident investigators and reconstructionists when required.

The Howard Law Group has successfully defended clients against all types of trucking and transportation claims, including:


Our Experience in Trucking Litigation Cases

The Howard Law Group has aggressively litigated a variety of matters involving truck or tractor-trailer accidents on behalf of truck manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and trucking companies.