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Landlord / Tenant

Put Experienced Michigan Landlord-Tenant Attorneys on Your Side

Increasingly complex, landlord-tenant law in Michigan may be daunting to other firms, but not to us. Jean Howard of the Howard Law Group specialize in landlord-tenant law and all its nuances.

Landlords in Western Michigan know that the Howard Law Group is always prepared to address their legal needs. Over the last decade, our experienced attorneys have aggressively represented local landlords, including the owners of apartment communities.

Our experienced attorneys save you both time and money by providing:

Our firm helps provide clear communication with your tenants, while staying on top of the ever-changing legalities for rental businesses.


The Howard Law Group won’t tolerate tenants that engage in illegal activity, damage your property or endanger other tenants. If your tenants break their lease or fails to pay their rent on time, our attorneys will aggressively pursue all available remedies and damages. The volume of work that we perform has allowed us to develop an efficient process for handling evictions timely and affordably, with desirable results.