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Misrepresentation & Fiduciary Duty

When something is misrepresented, information vital for good business has not been disclosed. Misrepresentation can involve products, goods, and services; it can be intentional or unintentional. No matter what, misrepresented information can cause significant financial loss and needs to be handled by a legal team that knows what its doing. Likewise, if you have been accused of fraudulent misrepresentation, it is not a situation to be taken lightly.

Claims of fraudulent misrepresentation also frequently arise in relation to a fiduciary role. A fiduciary is responsible for making decisions on someone’s behalf or guiding someone in a transaction.

Enter the Howard Law Group. Our firm provides highly skilled legal representation to plaintiffs and defendants alike in cases of fraudulent misrepresentation. We align ourselves with your goals in pursuit of the most favorable results.

In all these cases, you can look to the Howard Law Group to provide successful legal counsel. Our firm handles many types of business torts at both the state and federal level, and will fight appeals of any decision.